Accommodation booking assistance is offered to Lichtenberg Kolleg language students after a prior e-mail inquiry:

The advantage of booking your accommodation in a German speaking host family is the immersion in everyday Berlin life. Particularly for younger summer guests, we have a few landladies who provide full or half board at a daily rate of ca. 30 €. Many hosts in central districts work and offer only self catering guest rooms at monthly rates of 300 € to 400 €.

As we have inspected all our recommended rooms, we can guarantee good standards of cleanliness, comfort, convenience and friendliness.

In Berlin you can also choose from a wide array of hostel beds, B & Bs, or hotel rooms at daily rates from 16 € to 70 €.

We can also assist you in finding a room or small flat in a student dorm / residence hall at a typical monthly rate of 345 € per month. This also applies to a room in a “WG” (vacancy in a bigger apartment shared by students or young professionals).

We do our best to offer you good quality at a modest price.