Learn German in Berlin Charlottenburg

  • Intensive courses

  • Private Instruction

Intensive German courses

Lichtenberg-Kolleg offers a sophisticated programme of instruction for language learners with no or some prior knowledge of German. Intensive learning is the optimal way to give you a good start in learning German as a new language or to rapidly improve the German you already know. Beginners' courses commence at the beginning of every month.

Students who already have some knowledge of German can, any time after taking a free grading test * and/or a trial lesson, join a class which fits their level. We teach in groups of 6 - 11 students on all levels from A1 - Beginner 1 up to advanced students C2 - Advanced. Our class instruction and our examinations follow the standards as defined   by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR).

Students are entitled to receive – free of charge – a certification attesting their duration of inscription and their grades in the case that they have passed some achievement test(s). Lichtenberg-Kolleg students profit from the competence and experience of a team of academically trained language tutors and the familiarity of small class instruction.

Classes meet Monday through Friday from:

  • 09.15 to 12.30
  • 13.45 to 17.00
  • 17.30 to 20.45 (planned, please inquire)

In addition to that we offer individual (Link: German Private Instruction) or small group tutoring in the afternoon, the evening or on Saturday.

German Private Instruction in Berlin

In addition to classes of German courses Lichtenberg-Kolleg also offers private instruction. Individual tutoring is the most intensive and effective way of learning German. In Private lessons your personal language coach tailors his instruction according to your strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Before you begin your lessons, we determine your exact requirements as well as your current level of German.

Then we develop a learning curriculum individually suited to your goals. When learning German privately, you decide on the number of hours per day, the duration and learning pace. You enjoy the exclusive attention of your teacher, allowing you to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. We offer courses at all levels from A1 - Beginner 1 to C2 - Advanced.

Some of our students also enroll in private lessons as complement to Lichtenberg-Kolleg classroom courses. There you discover which areas you need to work on and can concentrate on those areas much more effectively in the one-on-one environment of private instruction.


Courses on levels A1, A2 and B1 are each set up at 160 units (of 45 m)or 8 weeks intensive German. B2 and C1 level classes usually take 240 units. Students who come here with no prior knowledge of German normally should figure on 800 to 1000 units (10 – 12 months) to pass the B2 or C1 levels needed for entering a German university.