Terms & Conditions

(This is a translation of “AGB”. Legally binding is only the German version of “AGB”.)


1. Registration & Payment
The current fee scale and tariffs of Lichtenberg Kolleg are binding. Upon registration an initial deposit payment of € 150 is payable. This includes a one-time registration fee of € 15. Payments can be made by PayPal or bank transfer to:

Lichtenberg Kolleg e.V.
Bank Details:

• Kontonr. (Account n°): 309942107

• BLZ: 10010010 – Postbank Berlin

• IBAN DE39 1001 0010 0309 9421 07

For payments from abroad the student bears the handling charges. Only upon receipt of this course deposit the course place will be reserved. You will receive an official registration confirmation; thus the registration will be valid. The remaining course fees are payable when you enter the course. 
Payments in installments are possible. If monthly installments are agreed, these installments are due to be credited to our bank account on the third calendar day of the commencing month. The registration is valid for one year maximum. Advance payments expire after one year.


2. Withdrawal & Cancellation
In case of cancellation more than 4 weeks before the agreed course beginning, a cancellation processing fee of 65 € will be retained. The remaining amount will be refunded.

In case of cancellation less than 4 weeks before the course beginning date, the course deposit of € 150 will be retained. Should participants fail to appear in class or leave a course, the participant is not entitled to a refund.

These rules do not apply for contracts under (4), cf. entry visa.


3. Termination of contract
Contract terminations must be made duly in writing with one month notice. In this case, 30% of the agreed fees for the course period are payable to Lichtenberg Kolleg. Alternatively, a course voucher on already paid course fees will be issued. This voucher is redeemable for one calendar year.

If the participant does not meet payment obligations and gets into default, Lichtenberg Kolleg is authorized to issue his or her dismissal. The right to dismiss the student also applies to cases of gross misconduct and violations of school rules. For students (see under 4.) a premature contract termination is not be possible.


4. Entry Visa
If a registration certificate in order to grant an entry visa (visa type C to learn the German language) is required, the full course fee must be paid in advance.

In case of rejection of the visa the course fee will be refunded, minus the course registration fee of € 15 and a handling fee of 100 €. In this case, the original document confirming the visa rejection by the embassy or consulate needs to be submitted to Lichtenberg Kolleg. 

In due time applicants must inform us of delays in the processing of visa and ask for a postponement of the start of a booked course. Otherwise the fee of the respective month commenced shall be forfeited.

5. Public Holidays
There are no classes on public holidays and thus no entitlement to refunds or fee deductions for these school free public holidays. The same applies to minor and unavoidable course cancellations by the school. E.g. also in case of a teacher getting sick on short notice. The school management will however do its utmost to avoid such a situation and to organize a replacement teacher quickly. For cancelled lessons as mentioned above Lichtenberg-Kolleg offers replacement lessons.


6. Minimum number of course participants
In case of not reaching or falling below the minimum number of 6 participants per course, this course can be continued in a small group. While the course fee remains the same, the course hours will be scaled back for these small learning groups according to actual participants. This means by four course hours monthly per missing participant. Should it not be feasible or possible to continue this (below 6 participants) small course group, Lichtenberg Kolleg is entitled to cancel this course. The paid fees will be refunded. In this case participants are not entitled to claim compensation. 

7. Absence of participants
Absences of participants due to illness, vacation or other reasons do not provide entitlement to course fee reductions. Vouchers will not be issued in this case.

8. Contract extension and continuation
When continuing courses beyond the agreed course period, the contract extends respectively for one month at the time and under the same agreed and valid contract terms.



9. Liability
Lichtenberg Kolleg is not liable for any accidents or illness of the participant that occur during the course. For damages or claims of any kind for which the participant is responsible, the participant is directly liable to the injured party.



10. Other terms and conditions
Course and accommodation prices increase during the period from July 1st to August the 1st by 10% (except for long-term and continued course registrations). There is no right to tuitions by a particular teacher or in specific classrooms.

A change of the tutor or language teacher do not entitle participants to withdraw from the contract. Smoking, alcohol and the use of mobile phones are not allowed in the classrooms. Students must provide a sufficient health and liability insurance.

All other and particular contract arrangements have to be agreed and signed in writing by Lichtenberg Kolleg and the participant. German law and constitution is binding. The court jurisdiction is in Berlin Carlottenburg.